• Modern Ricemill. With higher head rice yield.         Capacity : 500 Ton/Day
  • Revolutionary Paddy Dryer reduces moistures 3-8% in a few minutes without damaging the grain.
  • Advanced Parboiling System
    Fully Automation Control

Quick Profile

Rice Engineering Supply Co.,Ltd

Rice Engineering Supply (RES) designs, manufactures, installs modern rice mill and paddy drying system since 1982. The company trademark, RISE, sells its products worldwide including turnkey and offers the latest technology with highest head rice yield.

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Turnkey-project service

With TURNKEY project, we help our client from concept to completion in a very short time frame.

  • consulting with know-how over 30 years of experince
  • design plant layout and workflow
  • machines installation
  • building-constucrtion
  • test run, training, after sales service
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Fluidized Bed Dryer

The most advanced paddy drying system in the world. Fluidized Bed Dryer reduces moisture up to 6-10 % in one pass.

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We installed over 100 projects world-wide.